Please note This Cinema is now closed until spring 2021. Thank you to everyone who has been to see a film recently.

Gift Cards

20% extra free on online purchases from 20th - 30th November

Gift Cards

Perfect for Film Lovers, this Christmas.

Gift Cards

Perfect for Film Lovers, this Christmas.

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  • 3D Performances
  • FLS Performances
  • Subtitled Performances
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Audio Description
  • Autism Friendly

Scott Cinemas, Newton Abbot

E-Gift Cards are now available!

Scott Cinemas Gift Cards

You can continue to support the cinema by purchasing a Scott Cinemas gift card, to be used when we re-open! The gift cards are valid for two years from the date of purchase and can be used to purchase tickets, food and drink at the cinema. A great gift for film lovers this Christmas!

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Every Monday!

Bargain Monday Tickets £4.25*

Enjoy the cinema experience, at a bargain price! All films, all day on a Monday are only £4.25 or £5.25 if you want premium or balcony seating* to have that bit of extra comfort. No need to sign up to anything, no codes, just book online or buy tickets at the Box Office.

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Certificate U
A Game by Scott Cinemas

The Stay at Home Game

We made a game just for fun while we're not showing any films. We cannot take responsibility for any stress caused playing this game while social distancing.

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Newton Abbot will re-open Spring 2021.